Co-Mission Contributor: Caithlin De Marrais

Meet Caithlin De Marrais:

Folk was the music language of my childhood. I may disguise my folk lyrics in a rock song, but when I write solo I hear echos of some of the most important artists to me. Kaia and I have always closely collaborated in our respective solo projects as well as in Rainer Maria. The percussion track was made from a sample of her voice. Thank you Fred Knittel for giving me a place to play from day one. And thank you for listening. If you’d like to offer some gratitude or support to me you can Venmo @Caithlin-DeMarrais

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Co-Mission Contributor: Randy Scott Carroll

(Photo by Daniel Rampulla)

Meet Randy Scott Carroll:

the song is about and dedicated to trans love.

this pandemic has affected me like many people, keeping me from doing the freelance work that I do, and from the classes I teach. Folx can support me on venmo @randyscottcarroll or or add me to your playlists on Spotify!

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Venmo: @randyscottcarroll

Co-Mission Contributor: Mike Frazier

(Photo by Brett Ballachino)

Meet Mike Frazier:

“I wrote and recorded “Never Alone” while in total isolation. After returning from Europe way earlier than I planned, I entered a quarantine. I’ve been isolated for almost two weeks now. This song is in solidarity with people all over the world who are feeling trapped, helpless, and alone- not just during this dark time but also during other tragedies that test our souls and leave us isolated.”

“I’m planning on putting out a new record in May which people will be able to order from Geneva Records (my label I started a few years back) and they can check out my other tunes on Spotify or Bandcamp. Also all my social media is @MikeFrazierVA and my Venmo is @Michael-Frazier!”

Folkadelphia note: Mike graciously donated the track “Never Alone”

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Venmo: @Michael-Frazier

Co-Mission Contributor: Ali Dineen

(Photo by Alexis Lim, Styled by Athena Zammit)

Meet Ali Dineen:

I was at an artist residency in New Mexico when the pandemic really became serious globally, and in the USA. I decided to head to Milwaukee to be with my partner and friends in a stable situation, rather than be on my own far from loved ones. So I’ve totally changed my plans because of this pandemic, but am very lucky and privileged to have a safe place to stay, all the food and resources I need at the moment, and hopefully will receive unemployment thanks to the new bill. I see this global crisis revealing all the broken systems and cracks in our society and in capitalism, and I think it could lead to a global depression and greater authoritarianism, OR to greater collectivism, justice, a much-needed redistribution of wealth and resources, and huge social transformation for the better. But we can’t rely on our leaders to make any of that happen, so we need to stay organized amongst ourselves. You can donate to Trans Queer Pueblo, a group working to support and liberate LGBTQ asylum seekers and detainees in the immigration system here, who are especially vulnerable at this time. Their fundraiser can be found here:

You can find my music at You can also find many other amazing artists via the Jalopy Theatre and School of Music’s Facebook page, where this incredible venue is hosting biweekly virtual concerts:

Folkadelphia note: Ali graciously donated this recording.

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Co-Mission Contributor: Jason Anderson

(Photo by Miles Sterling)

Meet Jason Anderson:

“‘Together, Apart’ was written the day I canceled my March tour, and was the first song I played at my first online concert—in lieu of those dates on the road, I streamed eight nightly shows from my bedroom, gigs that ended up becoming some of my all-time favorites. Honestly, I was floored by the experience and, more so, its tangible sense of solidarity, all of us huddled around our phones, communing through the void. In some ways, it took performing in an empty room to make me realize how much my soul depends on the catharsis and connection of live music.”

“For me, large-scale crises like the current pandemic cast into much starker relief the ways in which we are all interconnected and how easy it is to forget that or take it for granted. This song was born of impending isolation, as I started thinking about my own search for purpose and community, especially during this new normal of social distancing. To that end, I made a list of some treasured unscripted moments—memories joyful and bittersweet—and those I spent them with, moments I would live again in a heartbeat if I could.”

“The track was recorded with friends in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin generously lending their talents through homebound sessions and emailed files—a beautiful collectivity despite these collectively lonely days. In this uncertain time, I have never been more grateful for, or in awe of, my friends. Thanks, especially, to Fred and Folkadelphia for conceiving of this project. Honored to be a small part of it. Hope everyone is holding up out there. Sending love and light from Toronto.”

“Together, Apart” was written and performed by Jason Anderson, and produced by Thomas Wincek. The track features Chris Bloniarz on harmony vocal and synth pad, Evan Kaspar on pedal steel, Holly McGarry on harmony vocal, and Max Somerville on piano.

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Presenting ‘Co-Mission: An Artist Relief Compilation, Vol. 1’

Co-Mission is a project started by Folkadelphia during the COVID-19 pandemic to help get money in the hands of in-need artists and musicians during a time of financial, professional, and personal instability and uncertainty.

We’re excited to share Co-Mission: An Artist Relief Compilation, Vol. 1, the first wave of commissioned and donated recordings from artists affected by the pandemic, now available on Bandcamp.

We hope you listen, download, and learn more about each artist and how you can help them out. If you donate to us, you are directly funding the next recordings and albums, so thank you!

Track List:
1. Jason Anderson – Together, Apart
2. Esther Rose – What It Takes
3. Roger Harvey (ft. Anika Pyle) – In Spite of Ourselves (John Prine cover)
4. Sam Amidon – Irish Fiddle Tune Set
5. Caithlin De Marrais – FiveFour
6. Anna Vogelzang – Brighter Night
7. Randy Scott Carroll – mi abeja
8. Mercy Bell – Chocolate Milk & Whiskey (Live Acoustic Folkadelphia Session)
9. Birdie Busch – Center
10. Mike Fraizer – Never Alone
11. Nick Millevoi – On the Corner of the Square
12. Johanna Warren – Cause or Effect (voice memo)
13. Michael Cormier – Last Supper
14. Jackson Pines – Half Light
15. Ali Dineen – Either Or

Are you an artist or musician affected by the pandemic?
We’re launching Co-Mission: An Artist Relief Compilation

Art is not created in a vacuum. It is made by artists, human individuals who not only dream up, labor at, and sweat over their art, but who also need to survive, like all of us do. At the very minimum, we need food, water, shelter, clothing, and access to basic goods and services to live, but right now even that access is uncertain for many, especially for those people who work in financially unstable fields or in the gig economy, like every musician does.

The pandemic is causing financial ruin for many of our beloved artists and community members, particularly for those who depend heavily on touring income, common in today’s music industry. That’s not just an obstacle to creativity, it’s actual livelihoods at stake and people being left in desperate situations.

One way to help is to put money directly into the pockets of musicians. That’s exactly what we’re trying to do with Co-Mission: An Artist Relief Compilation. We’re proposing to get money to artists in need in two ways.

First, we’re commissioning new recordings by directly paying musicians for their time and their craft, to track a song in their bedroom, home studio, or whatever safe space they may have and deliver it to us. The artist will retain rights, ownership, and ability to use their recording in any manner they see fit, simply licensing it to us for a period of time and solely for this compilation.

Second, we’re creating the Co-Mission: An Artist Relief Compilation album, a donation-based priced compilation of all of the recordings we’ve commissioned. The compilation will be available on a pay-what-you-will basis on Folkadelphia’s Bandcamp page, where it will also serve as an outlet for these artists to tell visitors in real terms the impact of this pandemic on their life and work. I hope that it will also point listeners and contributors to other tangible ways that they can support these artists, whether that means direct links to purchase albums, Venmo/Paypal accounts, ways to support their other artistic or financial endeavors, or other avenues.

Any and all money that we receive from donations for the Co-Mission compilation album will be pooled back to the original cause – to commission recordings from musicians who have been affected by the current world situation. These new recordings will then become part of the compilation and thus we hope to create a chaining of support directly between people in positions to help and artists in need. If at some point we stop commissioning new recordings, we will have new discussions with each contributor, and likely any donations that we receive will be divided up and distributed equally to the compilation contributors on a prescribed schedule.

We have no grand ambitions with the Co-Mission: An Artist Relief Compilation project and we cannot pay much for each commission. What we do hope for is that this idea will shine a light on the uncertainty that artists are feeling, the plight they are experiencing, and the small ways that those of us in more financially secure positions can lend them extra support and love in these unsettling times.