Co-Mission Contributor: They/Live

October 5, 2020

(Photo by Daniel Jackson)

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Never thought I’d say this, but with this song, you really gotta wait for that beat to drop….

“Another Body” is a strangely arranged, hybrid song in two parts: one part for spiritual introspection; one part for dancing by yourself and crying. Haha! But I’m serious. What else can you do in 2020? It’s about missing cities, missing old lovers. It’s about missing affection, connection, and possibility. But it’s also about becoming someone else entirely {during a global crisis} because you just have to.

Thank you for listening, Whitney

Venmo: @Whitney-Mower


When it’s time to learn
My star-collecting fern
I weave my heart into the sun
Why won’t I forget
Why won’t I form anything

Then 1) to verify the mind for value
Then 2) the hemisphere’s delight we make our will

I was over you
I was over you
I was over you
I was over you

Even if I call another body
Riding through the veil with all we fend
Even if I make it to the ocean
Will I ever dare to love again?
Even If I cross into the number
Flying through the light to comprehend
Even if I call another body
Will I even dare to love again?

I was over you