Co-Mission Contributor: Sarah La Puerta

July 22, 2020

Meet Sarah La Puerta

 Several months ago, I moved from Lockhart, Texas into an old stone chapel in upstate New York to embark on a new creative journey. I hardly got a chance to look around the city of Troy before everything shut down, so now here I am, confined to my chapel’s ambivalent religion of isolation. Plans that seemed certain are now tenuous. Admittedly, very few things felt certain even before the pandemic. Plans that were threadbare have since turned to spider silk.

Right now, instead of preparing for a tour of Australia, I’m preparing a tamale in the oven — and I’m grateful for both the tamale and the oven. I spend these uncertain, unstructured, unpaid days writing stories, illuminating manuscripts, collaborating with others from  a safe distance, and sinking deeper into eccentric habits, while remaining hesitantly optimistic about the construction a post-pandemic new “normal.”

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