Co-Mission Contributor: Miwi La Lupa

September 30, 2020

(Photo by Monica Frisell)

Meet Miwi La Lupa:

To whom it may concern:

The Los Lakers are playing a game that’s watching me as I type this on my couch. I trust that the pandemic has had a major impact on your life as it has mine. I hope that any negative things in your life right now will turn to positive sooner than later. I hope you are healthy! I just changed the channel from the basketball game to The U.S. Open. Amazing. Oh to live in a bubble… A safe, weird little bubble where you can do your job and feel almost completely safe while you do it!

If this global pandemic hadn’t hit us, or been adequately suppressed by knowledgeable, compassionate, patient, selfless humans, I’d likely be right where I am now: On my couch watching The U.S. Open. But, I believe I would have deserved this rest and relaxation as I would have been in between month-long stretches of tour with my friends in Bright Eyes as a singer and multi-instrumentalist. I really like playing with those musicians. Hell, I just love playing with great musicians. Period. I miss that. For me, there’s nothing like creating sounds with friends. A close second? Eating food with friends. Whatyagonnado?

I’m thankful for this technology, physical, and mental (instru-mental) health right now. It’s allowing me to earn my humble living by continuing to teach music lessons remotely, record music at home, sell my music, and type this sincere note to you… while watching this incredible 5th set of U.S. Open Tennis… Have they arrested the cops who killed Breonna Taylor yet?????

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