Co-Mission Contributor: Adam Lytle

July 21, 2020

(Photo by by Dustin Condren)

Meet Adam Lytle

I was in the midst of recording a new album with my band, Quicksilver Daydream when it became apparent that Covid-19 was rapidly spreading through New York City. We decided to hit pause, for our collective safety, and watched as jobs, vacations and upcoming shows were canceled. The first few weeks of quarantine were pretty rough from an existential standpoint. The Brooklyn live-music community was a huge part of my life and it’s taken time for me to adjust to the void it left behind. But, I’ve been lucky to stay in good physical health. The only positive thing about the world getting turned upside down, is that it forces us to focus on what’s important. In this sea of uncertainty, reading, writing songs, and cooking, with my partner Meg, have been my lifeline. We’re taking it one day at a time over here and letting that be enough.

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