Co-Mission Contributor: Ross Bellenoit

October 22, 2020

(Photo by Anja Schütz)

Meet Ross Bellenoit

I wrote the song “The Last Call” the day I arrived in Berlin for a 2 week solo tour in Germany at the beginning of March. I knew the virus was starting to really make its way through certain areas, and I could feel the sense of unease around everyone. I tried to channel this sense of “impending doom” into a waltz, two characteristics that historically have worked very well together in the oeuvre of songwriting as a whole.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a halt on most things creative in my life. My life now consists of simply hustling to make sure there’s food on the table and a roof over my head. With live performance no longer an option (until there is a vaccine, realistically), and most of my teaching opportunities furloughed, I am having to rely on my wits to find different avenues of work that can be done remotely and safely.

I released a full-length record of original material this year, and while I am still immensely proud of it, not being able to tour behind it has diminished it’s momentum and ability to reach people’s ears. I would encourage everyone to visit my Bandcamp page,, and, if they enjoy what they hear, make a direct purchase of any product (you can also sign up to be a subscriber which has extra perks).

I would also encourage people to visit my comic book jazz trio Muscle Tough at for some serious levity and fun in this new virtual music environment. And if you just want to help a person out, no strings attached, my Venmo is @Ross-Bellenoit and my PayPal is