Co-Mission Collaborator: Joanna Sternberg

October 20, 2020

Meet Joanna Sternberg

I am a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist and visual artist living in New York City.  I primarily make a living by playing concerts/gigs (singing songs I wrote or playing the double bass and singing with Jazz Bands or playing another instrument with another type of band of any genre)…since the pandemic I have been unable to play gigs so I am generating income by drawing.  If you want to commission art from me, I will draw anything you want me to draw! (comics, cartoons, portraits, logos, illustrations, greeting cards, word art, patterns or even designs on clothing!)  You can contact me on social media.  I am also making Black Lives Matter art for free!  My instagram, twitter and facebook is joannasternberg and my  venmo is joanna-sternberg and paypal is

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