Co-Mission Contributor: Anna B Savage

October 13, 2020

(Photo by Ebru Yildiz)

Meet Anna B Savage

I’ve been affected in much the same way as the most lucky amongst us: I’ve been thinking about work and most of my plans have been postponed indefinitely. Everything seems to have been going in fits and starts: for two and a bit weeks me and a couple of pals wrote a song every day, I was doing Joe Wickes every morning, in other moments I did yoga each day. Now, I’m not holding myself to such high standards. The only thing I haven’t let slip is filling up the bird feeder outside my window.

As for support, you can buy the final version of Chelsea Hotel #3 (previously ‘Leos’) through my bandcamp page, along with the vinyl of my EP released in 2014, and some merch that I’m making, caps and t shirts. There’ll be more to come soon so please keep an eye on this bandcamp page for those updates: . Also I have a link if you don’t want to buy anything but would like to support me: . Of all the social medias, I’m most active on Instagram, come and find me over there at @annabsavage.