Co-Mission Contributor: Jolie Holland

June 30, 2020

Meet Jolie Holland

The pandemic is a real shock to our musical community. I’m concerned for our side players, for the venues, for the culture. My main source of livelihood is gone. Please consider supporting me at where I’m sharing new songs or videos every week, even at the lowest tier. You can buy merchandise directly from me via my website¬†, or by tipping me at Venmo or Paypal. I’m the first Jolie Holland on either of those platforms, i.e., no numbers. I was about to start recording a new album with my friend Heath Cullen as co-producer. I was about to go on tour for the vinyl release of my 2004 album ‘Escondida’. Consequently, I have a lot of ‘Escondida’ themed merch available on my website, including 6 shirt designs. Hopefully we can revisit these ideas when the pandemic is past us. During lockdown in the eye of this hurricane, I continue to write, to coach other songwriters, and to work on some longer form writing: a memoir and an illustrated collection of first hand ghost stories.

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