Co-Mission Contributor: Driftwood Soldier

June 29, 2020

Meet Driftwood Soldier

Humans are good problem solvers because our brains look for patterns. In moments of crisis that instinct goes into overdrive and any old thing can seem hyper-significant. It snowed in Philly this April and I thought ‘Of course! Makes sense! The world’s going to hell.’ A friend of a friend had an infestation of weasels in the screw drawer of his tool shed and I thought, ‘Yes, yes. It all fits together.’ Plagues and omens to no particular end. We’re all just trying to make sense of a world that never asked that of us in the first place.

For people looking to support us during an uncertain time, we released a new album back in the fall, and the best way to help us out is to go on Bandcamp and send a digital copy of Stay Ahead of the Wolf to a friend as a gift.

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