Co-Mission Contributor: Birdie Busch

May 6, 2020

(Photo by Todd Erk)

Meet Birdie Busch

I am a musician. In tandem I do a lot of different things to keep the boat afloat. I freelance for a neighborhood group. I teach writing workshops. I paint windows for commercial spaces. Jack of all trades. All of this came to a halt with the new reality of Covid-19 quarantine measures. My current focus that is keeping me present is my music, the writing and recording of it, and finding creative ways to still share with all of you. This compilation project was such a joy to take part in right now. I wrote this song for a favorite female visual artist of mine as part of a project I did last year at the Philadelphia Art Museum to write music for paintings by women in their collection. It was a song for Corita Kent, whose body of work is vast and amazing and inspiring. She did a lot of type based screen printing during the Civil Rights era, another time in American history with lots of shifts and growing pains. Definitely check her out! It seemed like the right time to record it as the content is pertinent. It’s about finding yourself in an uncertain unstable world and what are you left with that’s true? Love. Music. Art. Conversations with your spirit and with others. Being more at peace with the unknown.  Still finding ways to share. Every Sunday until this quarantine ends I have a regular live Instagram show called The Secret Hour at 4pm Eastern Time. Hope you join me!


The best tangible way to support me and my work right now is two ways.
My entire discography is available at both digitally and hard-copies. You can also subscribe to my entire catalogue there really affordably.
My venmo is @emilybirdiebusch for “tips” and direct cash support.

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