Co-Mission Contributor: Esther Rose

April 30, 2020

Meet Esther Rose

For me, the end of the world was Friday, March 13th. That was the day I finally realized I had to cancel tour, and it was the last time I saw all my friends in one room. By Sunday night I was on a different tour; I caught a midnight ride from New Orleans to New England to take isolation with my sister, brother-in-law, nephew, and Boots-the-dog in snowy Vermont. I live alone in the French Quarter, and the thought of an enforced solitary quarantine had me running to family connection and the companionship of animals and trees. I was extremely cautious and self-quarantined for 14 days up arriving.

Instead of being panicked about the future, I try to remind myself that even before the pandemic, I am always close to the edge.  Being a touring musician is a high risk job and safety is a sweet illusion. I live on the highways and could encounter disaster at every turn. I carry around my most precious guitar and somehow nothing breaks or is stolen. It is an absolute goddamn miracle that touring works as well as it does, and I am always grateful when everything comes out right and we make it to the gig on time.

So now, in this time when nothing is coming out right for any of us, I try to remember what we do have. I wrote this song to help take me to that calm, secure feeling of having enough, and being okay in the present moment. I hope it takes you there, too.

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