Co-Mission Contributor: Ali Dineen

April 23, 2020

(Photo by Alexis Lim, Styled by Athena Zammit)

Meet Ali Dineen:

I was at an artist residency in New Mexico when the pandemic really became serious globally, and in the USA. I decided to head to Milwaukee to be with my partner and friends in a stable situation, rather than be on my own far from loved ones. So I’ve totally changed my plans because of this pandemic, but am very lucky and privileged to have a safe place to stay, all the food and resources I need at the moment, and hopefully will receive unemployment thanks to the new bill. I see this global crisis revealing all the broken systems and cracks in our society and in capitalism, and I think it could lead to a global depression and greater authoritarianism, OR to greater collectivism, justice, a much-needed redistribution of wealth and resources, and huge social transformation for the better. But we can’t rely on our leaders to make any of that happen, so we need to stay organized amongst ourselves. You can donate to Trans Queer Pueblo, a group working to support and liberate LGBTQ asylum seekers and detainees in the immigration system here, who are especially vulnerable at this time. Their fundraiser can be found here:

You can find my music at You can also find many other amazing artists via the Jalopy Theatre and School of Music’s Facebook page, where this incredible venue is hosting biweekly virtual concerts:

Folkadelphia note: Ali graciously donated this recording.

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