Folkadelphia Radio on WKDU #202.5 (9/9/2014)

September 9, 2014

Folkadelphia Radio #202.5 aired on WKDU on September 9th, 2014 from 07-09:00.

Jozef Van Wissem – Where You Lived and What You Lived For – Nihil Obstat

The Tallest Man on Earth – Burden of Tomorrow – The Wild Hunt
Bridget Saint John – Rabbit Hills – Oh Michael, What Have You Done: Friends Sing Michael Chapman
Nick Drake – Parasite – Pink Moon

Strand of Oaks – Plymouth – HEAL
Tiny Ruins – White Sheet Lightening – Brightly Colored One
Oscar Isaac with the Punch Brothers – The Shoals of Herring – Inside Llewyn Davis OST
Saint Saviour – I Remember – In The Seams

John W. Summers – Fine Times At Our House – Classic Old-Time Fiddle
Nikki Lane – Right Time – All Or Nothin’
Doc Watson & Jean Ritchie – Go Dig My Grave – At Folk City

Leonard Cohen – Lover Lover Lover – New Skin For The Old Ceremony
Daniel Ledwell – That Don’t Make It Junk – The Bard of Montreal
Old Man Luedecke – Closing Time – The Bard of Montreal
The House of Love – Who By Fire – I’m Your Fan

Bill Callahan – Summer Painter – Dream River
My Brightest Diamond – Pressure – This Is My Hand

Nathan Salsburg – What Can’t Be Won – Hard For To Win And Can’t Be Won
Don Bikoff – Demise of the Zundapp – Seeking Hallowed Ground

Joanna Newsom – Cosmia – Ys